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FIFA 15 the moments of the week

01/06/2015 05:30

The moments of the week of FIFA 15 are important to many of them have a special performance, bonuses and other things make them be on top.

FIFA 15 has many parameters, including the moments of the week as an important part of EA Sports title that exceeds increasingly improvements.

Players in form

It is a list of players for their performance in real life, get a bonus or penalty in their attributes, and therefore the global average.

Teams in the form

Similar to the above regarding the players. The teams, depending on their games, also get a bonus or penalty. Remember that these statistics are automatically applied in online games.

Lobby of matches

Create patidas or join others in private or public rooms. The maximum of the SLAs are 50 players and you can invite them starting to cualuiera not have a command drawn next, and that means that the player is in a game with another player.

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